People's Community Market

More than a grocery store [Direct Public Offering]

A community can't thrive without good food. In West Oakland over 25,000 residents don't have easy access to fresh foods, affordable groceries and positive social settings in their neighborhood. People's Community Market will be a neighborhood grocery store that helps West Oakland families thrive by offering quality fresh foods, affordable groceries, health services and a place for community building and recreation.

Proceeds from this Credibles offering will contribute to the construction, equipment, and inventory of the grocery store.
Prepaid Credibles for People's Community Market can be redeemed for purchases after the store opens.

Special Conditions for funding amounts over $1000
Direct Public Offering by People's Community Market: "Become a Founding Shareholder. Invest in creating a healthy and more thriving Oakland. Earn 3% annual compound interest and 1% store credit."

From the Offering Memorandum of People's Community Market: "...Investor will receive an annual store credit equal to One Percent (1%) of their initial investment in the Purchased Shares. Each annual credit must be redeemed in the year in which it is credited." -People's Community Market is not open for business yet. Once it is, it intends to issue the applicable store credits to the investors through Credibles.

This special offering is made by People's Community Market under a public securities offering qualification by permit under section 25113(b)(1) of the California Corporate Securities Law.

Get edible credits

Sponsor - you get:
Give $50 in grocery credit to a family in West Oakland. (Your credits will be automatically transferred to a local family.)
Friend - you get:
  • $105.00 in food (5% extra) once we're open.
Fan - you get:
  • $322.50 in food (7.5% extra) once we're open.
Patron - you get:
  • $550.00 in food (10% extra) once we're open.
Founding Shareholder - you get:
See the conditions of the Direct Public Offering. The button below links to People's Community Market's website
Enjoy at:
  • West Oakland, CA
    after opening in 2014 (est.)

    1814 Franklin St. Suite 800
    Oakland, CA
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